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David Gardner-Gale
M.S. Student in Environmental Engineering at UIUC
B.S. Civil Engineering from UIUC 
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David's Bio and Research Description: David studies the effects of process design on nutrient recovery and biochemical storage in microalgae, focusing on parameters relevant to realistic water resource recovery facilities. Understanding the microalgal metabolism could enable better nutrient recovery than currently feasible, improving human and ecological health, and help build toward an energy positive water treatment process. David's interests more broadly include the development of sustainable water and infrastructure systems. 

Conference Presentations: 

Gardner-Dale, D.; Bradley, I.M.; Guest, J.S. Solids residence time dictates N:P recovery in microalgae. WEF/IWA Nutrient Removal and Recovery Conference; International Water Association (IWA), Water Environment Federation (WEF); Denver, CO; July 11, 2016.