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Shantanu Agrawal
M.S. Student in Environmental Engineering at UIUC
B.S. in Civil Engineering from IIT Roorkee, India

Co-Advisor: Professor Roland Cusick

Research Project:

 Modeling and Optimization of Struvite recovery from wastewater via QSD framework using LCA and LCC characterization
Research Description: Shantanu's research is focused on developing a full scale Struvite precipitation model for different reactor configurations that will enable an accurate estimation of life cycle costs and environmental impacts of phosphate salt crystallization as a function of influent flow compositions and operating conditions. Using Quantitative Sustainable Design (QSD) methodology, he is trying to develop a robust model that can maximize economic returns and minimize the cost and environmental impacts of struvite precipitation using Life Cycle Costing (LCC) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) characterization. 


 Ravindar K. and Kavita Kinra Fellowship 2015, UIUC

Annual Heritage Excellence Award 2014, IIT Roorkee

Annual Heritage Excellence Award 2013, IIT Roorkee

Conference Presentations:

Agarwal, S.; Trimmer, J.; Ao, Y.; Guest, J.S.; Cusick, R.D. (Poster) Optimization of Struvite recovery from a batch process. Illinois WEA 37th Annual Conference and Exposition; Illinois Water Environment Association (IWEA); Champaign, IL; February 29-March2, 2016.