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Ian's paper was published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology! Let the 18S sequencing commence!

Jeremy was awarded the Paul L. Busch Award from the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF)! Learn more here.

Amanda was awarded a Sloan Fellowship! She is the first Illinois Sloan Scholar from Civil & Environmental Engineering!

Welcome to Jeremy Guest's

You can find Jeremy Guest's Google Scholar profile here.


(18) Bradley, I.M.; Pinto, A.J.; Guest, J.S. Design and evaluation of Illumina MiSeq-compatible, 18S rRNA gene-specific primers for improved characterization of mixed phototrophic communities. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 2016, 82(19): 5878-5891.
(17) Shoener, B.D.; Zhong, C.; Greiner, A.D.; Khunjar, W.O.; Hong, P.-Y.; Guest, J.S. Design of anaerobic membrane bioreactors for valorization of dilute organic carbon waste streams. Energy & Environmental Science, 2016, 9: 1102-1112.
(16) Viswanathan, M.; Venugopal, S.; Minefee, I.; Mariñas, B.J.; Guest, J.S.; Bauza, V.; Valentino, L.; Kupaza, R.; Jones, M. A bottom-up approach to short-term immersion in subsistence marketplaces: Methodological and substantive lessons on poverty and the environment from Tanzania. Organization & Environment, in press.
(15) Johnsen, D.; Emamipour, H.; Guest, J.S.; Rood, M. Environmental and economic assessment of electrothermal swing adsorption of air emissions from sheet-foam production compared to conventional abatement techniques. Environmental Science & Technology, 2016, 50: 1465-1472.
(14) Harb, M.; Xiong, Y.; Guest, J.S.; Amy, G. Hong, P. Differences in microbial communities and performance between suspended and attached growth anaerobic membrane bioreactors treating synthetic municipal wastewater. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, 2015, 1: 800-813.
(13) Pretel, R.; Shoener, B.D.; Ferrer, J.; Guest, J.S. Navigating Environmental, Economic, and Technological Trade-Offs in the Design and Operation of Submerged Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors (AnMBRs). Water Research, 2015, 87: 531-541.
(12) Leow, S.; Witter, J.R.; Vardon, D.R.; Sharma, B.K.; Guest, J.S.; Strathmann, T.J. Prediction of microalgae hydrothermal liquefaction products from feedstock biochemical composition. Green Chemistry, 2015, 17: 3584-3599.

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Jeremy Guest teaches Environmental Engineering (CEE 330) during fall semesters and Sustainable Design of Energy and Water Systems (CEE 498 EWS) during spring semesters.  

CEE 330, Environmental Engineering (Fall Semesters)
The overarching goal of this course is to introduce students to fundamental concepts in environmental engineering and their application to air, soil, and water systems. Students will develop an understanding of chemical pollutants and pollutant mitigation strategies, and learn about the role of environmental engineering in the emerging field of sustainability science. Students will also develop skills necessary to the practice of engineering through written and oral individual and team assignments.

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